Beginner's Guide to Creating Free Online Forms and Surveys

How to create simple and intuitive forms that drive adoption rates.

Posted by Dave on December 19, 2020
  1. Put yourself in your users' shoes.

    Have you ever used a form that had too many elements? Perhaps wonky validation where required fields were only evident after you thought you'd finished the form? Scenarios like these only lead to frustrated users!

    Try to create a form you'd want to fill in yourself. As obvious as it may sound, simply using the right element at the right time increases user engagement and compels users to respond. For instance, if you ask a user their favorite color choice, it would be far more intuitive to use a pre-populated drop-down, checkboxes, or radio buttons rather than a text box.

  2. A Picture paints a thousand words.

    Using intensiForms intuitive online form builder, you can bring your forms to life by adding videos, images and custom backgrounds, colors and fonts.

  3. Allow your users to send you files

    Use the file upload tool to allow your intended audience to easily attach visual or audio files of up to 10MB. intensiForms "My Forms" component allows you to easily store and retreive any attachment on demand!

  4. Take payments in moments

    Imagine you'd like to create a donation form for your next fund raiser. intensForms makes it easy to add a payment control to take registration fees, donations and whatever you may need.

  5. Mind your manners.

    We would be considered rude if we failed to thank our participants, no matter what task we're allowing them to undertake. Thanking your respondents for completing your form is common social etiquette. Our "Thank You Screen" feature enables you to provide much needed gratification.

  6. Embed your form right into your website

    If your form is intended for ongoing usage on your website, you will likely want to embed it on your website. Using the "Share" feature, just copy-and-paste the embed code to WordPress or into your own HTML code. An engaging form on your website that maintains your brand’s identity and branding is a fabulous way to gather whatever information you may need.

  7. Mobilize your world

    The intensiForms platform was conceived under a mobile-first design mantra so you can rest assured that your forms will look fantastic, no matter what device your users are on and at any moment of the day.