Create a Shareable, Online Recipe Book

Using intensiForms, you can freely and quickly create a recipe book that can easily be shared with your friends and relatives.

Posted by Dave on December 18, 2020

Have a favorite recipe that you'd like to share? Or maybe, an acquaintance makes the most marvellous meals you've ever tasted and have been dying to make them yourself? Simply send a recipe request and ask them to share it with you.

  • Never lose recipes again.

    Every recipe you add or collect is safely stored and accessible from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

    If you've yet to do so, create an intensiForms user account. Signing up for intensiForms is free and easy and only requires your name and email address.

  • Choose the Recipe Book Template.

    Click the "New" option and click "Form By Template". A list of useful form templates will be presented.

    While you do have the option to create a blank form "from scratch", for now, simply select the "Recipe Book" template.

    Your new Recipe Book is created in seconds and is now ready for you to add and share recipes.