What can I Create with an Online Survey Tool?

With intensiForms, you can quickly create any kind of survey, form, or questionnaire you can conceive. Easily add logic and question branching so that your users are guided through your surveys, based on their responses. Learn more about how to leverage intensiForms for all of your survey and form needs.

Posted by Dave on April 5, 2020

Whether you are volunteering to coach a local sports team, conducting a blood drive, running a family practice or managing a large corporation, intensiForms makes it easy to create any type of form or survey you may need.

Let's explore some of the possiblities.

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    If you own or manage a family practice then you likely know how important it is to be able to understand how your patients feel about your practice. Use our Patient Satisfaction Survey template and create a scientifically proven, best-practice-driven survey to gain spectacular insight into patient sentiment.

  • Employee Health and Travel Declaration Forms

    There's no denying, times have changed. Due to COVID-19, the world as it existed in 2019 may never be the same. Remote work is currently the norm and at no time has it been more important to be able to stay connected with your employees and customers. intensiForms can enable you and your organization to stay productive and connected.

    Use our forms to help protect the health and safety of your employees and effectively provide assistance when needed.

  • Customer Feedback Forms

    Gain important insight into your customers' sentiment. There's no better way to understand the needs and concerns of your customers than to have feedback directly from them.

    intensiForms makes it very easy to create and compile metrics on whatever aspect of your business you'd like more information.

  • Invitations

    Use online forms to collect information about your event's attendees. From dietary restrictions, to head counts, gift registration and beyond.

    Send invitations, receive confirmations, and track responses to your next online or physical event.

  • Uniform Sign up

    Having managed sports teams ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to balance trying to teach the fundamental skills and critical physical skillsets required, for your respective sport, let alone the "paper aspects" - managing team calls lists, providing the appropriate uniform names, numbers and sizes, and keeping your players and parents informed of schedules.

    Put our platform to use and save yourself time and effort. As an example, you can use forms to collect your team's uniform measurements and numbers, publish a form with schedule information, or whatever else you need.

Get started now.

The intensiForms form and survey creation platform allows you to keep in touch with co-workers, coordinate events, gather valuable feedback from customers and patients and most anything else you can envision.

Quickly customize your surveys and forms to meet your tastes and preferences. Add your own logos, choose from a large list of pre-configured, customizable themes or create your own, completely custom look and feel.

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